NEIKED – Best Of Hard Drive | Et Musique Pour Tous
Happy Friday everyone! I'm so excited to write about one of my most anticipated albums of 2019. From NEIKED, it's called Best Of Hard Drive and it's the best of the best in Scandinavian pop which is high praise for a region that's produced the absolute highest tier of pop music for decades. NEIKED explores so many variants of pop music masterfully throughout this album with something truly for everyone - there's tropical tinged grooves, wonderfully soulful rapping, carefree anthems, and everything in between. My personal favorites are "Une Lettre" which infuses stylish French sensibilities into its DNA alongside "Gunilla" which feels like an outright radio hit, but I could happily spin this front to back without a single skip. I know some people complain about how globalization has stripped away regionalism from music, but I personally love how sounds have transcended borders and given everyone in the world every way possible to innovate and express themselves. Music is a universal