Harry Nathan – Sweet Vanilla Sky | Et Musique Pour Tous
Harry Nathan's "Sweet Vanilla Sky" is an absolutely beautiful way to begin a productive Friday morning. I've had this one on in the background while drinking coffee and soaking up the sunshine through my windows and it's a picture perfect scenario. The track is a gorgeous, atmospheric piece with airy production that feels like a nostalgic daydream while Harry Nathan's vocals have a comforting sense of introspection to them that makes you reflect on your present moment. My attention span is admittedly short these days but I can't help but connect with every second of this track while hitting repeat over and over. I woke up stressed today for no apparent reason, but I had the choice to change that with my morning routine. Chatting with the universe, entering a deep state of meditation for 20 minutes, getting some rewarding work done, messaging with a friend, and doing some reading all primed me to return to my central state of equilibrium. In my eyes, there's no excuse to blame waking up