Kasbo – Places We Don't Know (ford. Remix) | Et Musique Pour Tous
Kasbo and ford. are two of my absolute favorite producers in the game so I'm genuinely blown away by this powerful Monday morning release. It's an utterly beautiful wave of dopamine inducing sounds that feel like a moment of clarity where everything in the world just feels right before you succumb to being overcome with unadulterated joy. I want this song constantly playing in the background as I go through my everyday life because it puts me in such a positive headspace. Talk about absolutely stunning electronic music that transcends the genre and takes it to a totally new level and plane of existence. Life is good right now. People ask me how things are and I keep telling them that I've never felt as steady as I do right now. Every day I wake up knowing that my work is going to be fulfilling, my friendships are going to prosper, my spiritual life is going to blossom, my romanticism is going to be beautiful, everything is exactly as it should be. It's taken so much work to get to this