Dizzy Spells – Pool | Et Musique Pour Tous
Another amazing song came across my radar this week and I knew I had to share it as soon as I heard it. This one comes from an insanely talented band called Dizzy Spells and gives all the other indie-pop releases from this year a serious run for their money. It's an intelligent fusion of dense hip-hop percussion and spoken word esque vocals that swing into one of the most intricately written indie-pop choruses I've heard in a long time as the instrumentals and vocals alike reach the heights of the genre's best. It's an instant ear worm that gets stuck in your head and quickly buries its way deeper and deeper until you're having flashes of the hook in your head at all times of the day. Talk about a proper opening statement to the relatively new year! I know this one hones in on anxieties and that's so relevant to my morning. I woke up super anxious for no apparent reason and felt totally scatter-brained, but I took a step back and employed the endless amount of tools at my disposal.