Broken Back – Breathe Slow | Et Musique Pour Tous
Broken Back released one of my favorite songs of the young year with "Young Love" and he comes through yet again on "Breathe Slow". It's the perfect song to take a moment and appreciate the present moment to as you observe your breath and your surroundings and become one with this very second. Music can lead toward nostalgia for the past or anticipation for the future, but this is the type of song that exists in the now. It's such a joyous anthemic piece of work that feels like a wave of positive emotions overwhelming every pore in your body until you're enveloped with a deep feeling of satisfaction. I'm not one to scold for people appreciating advances of civilization through technology and urbanization, but I do feel like its an inherent fact that we've lost touch with our spiritual roots. We've separated ourselves from conscious existence with our immediate surroundings and respect for each and every step in our day, instead focused on all the excess surroundings that fulfill our