Ammo x Kaleena Zanders – Wake Up | Et Musique Pour Tous
An absolute banger entered my inbox and I figured there was no better way to kick off Friday than write it up. It's an insane cover of Travis Scott's "Wake Up" with vocal dramatics from Kaleena Zanders and wild, wonky production from Ammo that spirals into a hypnotic groove. It's apparently the launch of a new label called ABSURD NOIZE and I honestly can't think of a more fitting song to lead with. It's amazing how they made a track that's only a few months old totally their own and gave it such a unique flair with a wild dance music approach Ammo apparently has some major pop production credits under his belt so it's especially crazy that he's able to pivot from working with pop stars to making something so underground accessible. It shows a versatility that's so welcomed in music. Kaleena Zanders has some major features recently and has shown herself as one of the premier topliners in the game, so it's equally exciting to have her lending her talents. I'm all about thinking outside