Mothica – Ashes Remixed | Et Musique Pour Tous
Mothica is one of the best indie vocalists in the game right now and is versatile enough to fit any type of production. That shines through on this collection of remixes of her Ashes EP. Each one is pure ear candy from front to back, the first one being a pure pop interpretation of "Up In Flames". It's followed up by Sleeping Lion's "Burnout" which is my personal favorite here - it has a delicious tropical groove that makes me ready for summer (okay, it's 70 degrees where I'm at right now, but I could use even warmer). Next up is Purfakt's absolute banger of a "Water Me Down" remix that has a grimy wobble-infused trap sound that really brings out the moodiness of Mothica's music and sends it into overdrive. Another pure pop flip comes from Out There" as he turns "Crossfire" into a bonafide anthem with a hook that's impossible to shake once it enters your ears. It's all capped off by Bronze Whale's "By Now" remix which is a well rounded atmospheric take that makes the perfect bookend