Jesse And The Wolf – Hurt Me No More (Eyes Everywhere Remix) | Et Musique Pour Tous
Talk about ecstatic electronic perfection. This Eyes Everywhere remix of "Hurt Me No More" takes an already potent track and sends it into dancefloor bliss over drive with a pulsating beat that will keep clubgoers' heads nodding and feet moving for its entire runtime. The percussion has a crisp aesthetic, the song's vocal sample finds new life with even more energy, and the tech house break is pure ear candy - it hits every pleasure center imaginable and sends good vibes throughout your body from head to toe. Eyes Everywhere truly gives the track new life and shows just how exciting remixes can be. It's part of a remix pack that also has contributions from UNIIQUE, Jayceeoh, and Vanilla Ace which is about as diverse of a musical palette as you're gonna get. This remix conjures up vivid recollections of my past weekend in a sweaty warehouse with strobe lights flashing so quickly that my brain was immediately sent into a dizzy frenzy. People were dancing without inhibition and it was a