Mild Minds – SWIM Remixes | Et Musique Pour Tous
Talk about taking amazing sounds and rocketing them to a whole new level. Synth-pop newcomer Mild Minds has tapped a dream team of talent that includes some of my personal favorites like ford. and Roland Tings and there's not a second on this release that's not spine-tingling goodness. Cabu kicks things off with a groovy, almost r&b flavored take that has a whole lot of delicious swing to it. Christopher Port follows it up with a lesson in garage-driven hypnosis that's like a psychedelic haze in music form, while Roland Tings comes in hot pursuit with some extraterrestrial house that feels like getting a lobotomy on a spaceship cruising down the interstellar highway (surf's up!). ford. brings things back down to Earth with a gorgeous, subdued number that finds beauty in simple pleasures, like watching a sunset wane into the ocean and peace stretching over the horizon. Daedelus wraps up the EP with a funky little fever dream to keep us dancing into the night and I couldn't imagine