Zack Gray – Imperfect Love | Et Musique Pour Tous
I'm picky when it comes to vocalists and what's become an oversaturated market, but I'll be damned if Zack Gray isn't one of the best talents I've heard in a long time. His new single "Imperfect Love" is a massive cut with perfect atmospheric production that sets the stage for his show stopping performance. His verses are fittingly understated and only make the hook even sweeter as he belts insanely soulful lines that stretch his range up toward the skies. After hearing "Imperfect Love" I had to look into Gray's other music and found out he also sings on electronic songs which is so fitting for someone who obviously has the chops to carry his voice between genres and keep listeners from all corners of the music scene happy. We've all dealt with imperfect love whether it's in relationships or friendships or familial relationships or anything in between. We're all imperfect humans so it's only natural that our flaws carry over into how we interact with one another. We do have free will