Viceroy – Caught Me A Rhythm (Feat. Marc E. Bassy) | Et Musique Pour Tous
I've caught myself a rhythm lately. I've had arguably the most successful two weeks of work to date, I'm staying in constant contact with the universe around me and have shifted focus from myself to the greater picture, and I recognize the gift of exponential room to grow in my future. That's a cause to celebrate and fortunately Viceroy's newest is providing the perfect vibes for the occasion. It's soulful, it's sexy, it's smooth, it's everything you'd hope for from an artist delivering a summertime smash with an assist from a quickly bubbling vocal talent like Marc E. Bassy. It's so different from the past Viceroy singles I've heard yet it's easily his best song to date. All that being said, I still manage to let self doubt creep in. I don't give myself all the positives in my life recognition - I just assume I should be doing as well as I am, and in turn, can end up feeling moments of stress about the things that aren't going as smoothly. It's an annoying little cycle, for sure, but