Two Friends – While We’re Dreaming (ft. Kevin Writer) | Et Musique Pour Tous
While we're a teenager, I dreamed of writing about music, so I took the plunge and began writing. As a college freshman, I dreamed of doing PR, so I offered to run press for a few bands and began working. As a college senior, I dreamed of moving to LA to pursue my music industry dreams, so accepted an offer for my dream job and made the cross-country jump. Just looking at these sentences makes me realize how little credit I give myself for pursuing my dreams until they're reality. At the age of 22, so many of my goals have been realized - more than some people attain in their lifetimes if we're being honest. Two Friends' new song "While We're Dreaming" captures the rush of living out your dreams and channels it into uplifting electronic bliss. The lyrics about finding a vacant rooftop to go occupy with good friends are even relevant to my life - just the other day, my friends and I found a rooftop in San Francisco to take pictures with a gorgeous view of the city. It was