Crystal Bats – Anyone | Et Musique Pour Tous
I have been pretty uninspired by a lot of music I have been hearing the past week or so, nothing has really sparked my interest or made me feel like writing, but then this 80's inspired jam fell into my lap and it made me feel really good, I am a sucker for anything that screams 80's, it's in my blood, and it was an amazing decade in time. I watched Passengers last night, that film that is suppose to be sometime in the future where we can travel to a different planet and have a better life. I heard it was bad but was hoping otherwise since I refuse to listen to reviews on movies and I love Chris Pratt and JLaw, but unfortunately the reviews were right and it was not worth the 6.99 I paid to rent it on itunes. Since I am a writer, an actor, a musician and a life coach I was able to find significance in this movie that made the whole premise salvageable. Two people have each other, and only each other (in a sense the last two people on earth or in space in this case). These are two