NINA LUNA – Blaze | Et Musique Pour Tous
I understand the perspective of this track quite well or at least I did at one time. I think I have grown from the perspective of holding on or not dismissing what I once had with someone. You are able to dismiss once you are able to truly clear your mind and look at a situation not as yourself, if that makes sense, sort of like looking at your situation the way all of your friends and family did. I think once you are able to do that, you are able to let go and see something for what it truly was. No matter how much you may have loved someone, how much of yourself you gave for so many years, the truth can be hard to chew on and swallow, in the end when you realize you were so alone for all those years it's as if you were dating a ghost. The truth hurts but once you are able to swallow it and digest it you feel like a sane human being, you feel nourished, stronger. I really enjoy the emotion is this track and in Nina Luna's vocals, very beautiful and euphoric. We were lucky enough