RIP Phife Dawg | Et Musique Pour Tous
The five-foot assassin made it all ok for me. He single-handedly sorted out all of my confusion, and boy was there a lot. I was a 14 year old jewish kid living in Boulder, Colorado trying to make sense of my raging obsession with hiphop. I knew I loved the beats, I knew I loved the rhyming and the flows, but none of the topics or content resonated with me at all. I couldn't relate to Public Enemy's need to fight the power, though their passion and talent spoke to my soul. Like Two Live Crew, I too wanted some pu$$y, but I was years away from that fun stuff. Easy-E's voice was really cool, but his album, and NWA's scared the shit out of me, and honestly I never found the beats/production/west coast vibe all that hot. But then Phife came to the rescue. He was short, like me. He was a Jets fan, like me. He felt insecure around girls, like me. He loved hanging out with his friends and talking shit, like me. He was simply a cool ass kid that rapped in a way that was so clear and pure it was