Andy Kong — City Lights | Et Musique Pour Tous
I grew up in Brooklyn where the skyline of the city was my Disney World and getting there was the only fantasy that I obsessed over day in and day out. It wasn't until college that I moved into Manhattan, and it was then that life would change to something I could never have imagined. I guess this tune from Andy Kong titled, "City Lights" triggered those feelings of awe in me of when I first got into the island because earlier today as I walked passed F.I.T. over on 26th street, all I could see and hear were freshman wandering aimlessly with the allure of the city in their eyes. It's the same allure that I still get here in NYC every single day, and it was that allure that has made my life here so magical. hurts to say that the city has changed us." It's crazy because so many of my friends have gotten up and left NYC for the west coast. I'm talking about hec, and nick, swiv, doug, Mike Rooney, goodwill and countless others that are out there now "living the dream", but I know