EMPT Classic: Large Professor – I JusWannaChill | Et Musique Pour Tous
There was a time when the music in Entourage and How To Make it In America was so closely in sync with EMPT that I use to joke to my friends that someone who picked the music must have been checking out the Space Age. A few years later in a Wired interview with Scott Vener, the guy responsible for selecting music, it turns out that was actually the case - How to Make Sure No One Else Finds It: Don't Reveal Those Blogs to Prying Journalists "I use Et Musique Pour Tous. Rollo & Grady. Stereogum." Check out the whole interview here. One of the songs this happened with was Large Professors I JusWannaChill, I remember posting that and then two weeks later hearing it on How To Make It In America and looking at my friends like what is going on! Anyways, this is a classic hip hop track that represents exactly how I feel right now. I recently met a very spiritual person who told me that I needed to rediscover the chilled out and relaxed part of me that's been suppressed by a lack of love