London Grammar – Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me | Et Musique Pour Tous
I can't think of what to say right now... There's a girl I know that has been nothing but a queen to her king but I haven't treated her so hot. Something happened, sometimes it takes something to happen to realize what really matters and it did, now it's eating me the fuck up. We were talking last night about how it feels like we're in a romantic comedy or something where the knuckle head realizes what a huge mistake he's made and does whatever he can do to show the love hurt girl what he's realized. Needless to say corny lines have been said, there's an asshole in the way of the real thing, mistakes made left and right but all in the name of love. It's not pretty, but there's so much there that you feel like there's a light at the end and you know you can't stop trying. Well you could stop trying, but not for this one, you fight for this one. I absolutely love and hate this song right now but it couldn't be more in line with what I'm feeling: I am still holding onto your waistband