Chromatics – Into The Black (Voxels Remix) | Et Musique Pour Tous
It's very hard to top a classic such as Neil Young's rock anthem Into The Black but what Chromatics did to it and then Voxels on the cover... This is just nothing short of amazing. Here's the thing. I believe the original is very good, but it is only when you take it down a notch from the fast paced rock that you actually take in and the lyrics take on another colour of sorts. Now, the Voxels further dramatize the best moments of the track like a roller coaster – at times going faster and other slower. The bridge is just magical on their rendition. I don't want to neglect other special mentions in the covering of this song, such as Battleme's version that soundtracked the eerily sentimental moments of the Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Finale. On this rendition Battleme stripped it naked almost completely – leaving only the wet crooning vocals over a piano. I rated this 5 stars on my iTunes and this is probably one of the sickest remixes of a cover that I own. By far. I can't help myself but