Summer Heart – Please Stay | Et Musique Pour Tous
Ahh, nothings some chill wave on a Tuesday morning... As usual I was studying Quincy Jones when I read a passage on his belief that true freedom ultimately exists in well defined structure. That statement runs deep but basically it means that life's possibilities are infinite as is our creative nature. Our experience is so complex and fast that without some way to arrange and harness our potential we could spend our entire exploring and never really building. It's hard enough to find that balance and structure but I've found that sometimes it's even harder to keep it. Have you ever looked back at a point in your life where you felt like everything was on point? Good things were happening left and right and the future was looking bright. Then something happened, the thrill was gone and you no longer had that energy on your side. For most, human nature says that when we're down we have to work hard to get up so we put in all this work, focus really hard and we finally get up but then