Bad News to Il Volo: There Are So Much Negative Feedbacks On Their San Remo Song!
Inspritaion of Eurovision, San Remo Festival will start for the 69th time on february 5. The artist which will win the category of "Big Artist" will have right to represent Italy at Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv. One of the popular sites of Italy, Eurofestival do a pool every year and wants journalists - who listens the San Remo songs earlier- to rank the songs as positive, negative and neutral. Total of 20 journalists did it so. According to the results Daniele Silvestri tops the list along with Ultimo, Motta, Simone Cristicchi and Paola Turci. On the other hand Einar got the most negative feedback. Additionally, Federica Carta, Shade, Negrita, Il Volo, and Anna Tatangelo are amongst the artists who got more negative votes thatn the positive ones. It is not known how much these results can close the real results but it seems Il Volo could upset it fans. Artist Song # of Positive Comment # of Neutral Comment # of Negative Comment Achille Lauro Rolls Royce 9 10 1 Anna Tatangelo Le