El Gouna Hospital | El Gouna Times - Red Sea
El Gouna has a fully equiped hospital for any medical treatment inclusing dentistry, pediatrics, ophthalmology, general surgery and ICU. For info or assistance please call: Hospital: local ext 2222 or phone 065 358 00 12 Emergencies 24 hrs: local ext 2060 or phone 065 358 00 38 Fire Accicidents 24 hrs: local ext 2060 / 2064 The Hospital is easily accessible and in close proximity to all hotels. Hospital's website: www.elgounahospital.com Click image to zoom in (new window) Click image to zoom in (new window) The Hyperbaric medical center in the hospital is equipped with the largest decompression chamber in the Middle East. It can accomodate up to 9 patients at the same time with different treatment schedules. The center also offers pre-diving medical check ups. The pharmacy, located at the entrance of the hospital, is open daily from 9 am untill 3 pm & from 6 pm until 9 pm. Some Arabic words Ambulance = Esa'af Hospital = Mostashfaa Fire bregade = Matafee Police = Shorttah (poleec)