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This website (actually it is called a weblog or blog), consists of Pages, Postings, Comments and Archives The use of this Website is free. Several readers of our El Gouna Times Magazine mentioned that they didn’t know we’ve published in the last few weeks EVERY DAY at least 2 or 3 new editorial articles. Just to remember: our editorials are published around midnight Egyptian time. Those articles remain all day present on our main page www.elgounatimes.com. The next night the articles of the previous day are replaced with new articles of today. But the articles of yesterday don’t disappear: all editorials are connected to a certain date and can thus be retrieved by clicking on the day in the calender here to the right. You get first a list with excerpts of the articles of that day. By clicking on “read the complete article” that text will expand including the appropriate images of that article. The articles are also stored in one or more categories in the archive, named: Columns/Posting