Obaseki tasks political leaders on increased investment in youths
Wa t create site? Fi d Free WordPress Themes a d plugi s.The Edo State Gover or, Mr. Godwi Obaseki, has tasked political leaders to i vest i the you ger ge eratio to e able them compete with their peers i a world drive by tech ology. Obaseki said this duri g the Su day Service at the Firm Fou datio Church I ter atio al i Be i City, Edo State capital, at the weeke d. He described Nigeria as a you g atio populated with youths, oti g that the bulk of i vestme t a d policies should be focused o the youth to e able them defi e the future of the cou try. “As Nigeria tur s 59, we must i vest i the you ger ge eratio . The cou try must e sure that youths are empowered a [...]