Obaseki harps on healthier lifestyles choices to address menace of cardiovascular diseases
Wa t create site? Fi d Free WordPress Themes a d plugi s.The Edo State Gover or, Mr. Godwi Obaseki, has called for more aware ess campaig s o the eed for people to adopt healthier lifestyles to reduce the burde of cardiovascular diseases. The gover or said this i commemoratio of the World Heart Day marked by the World Heart Federatio (WHF), a o gover me tal orga isatio based i Ge eva, Switzerla d. Obaseki said, “I commemoratio of the World Heart Day, it is importa t for stakeholders, i cludi g health workers, civil society orga isatio s a d releva t No -Gover me tal Orga isatio s (NGOs) to collaborate o sustai i g aware ess campaig s to se sitise the people o da gerous lifestyles that expose them to the risk of cardiovascular diseases.” “O [...]