Successful Doctoral Defence in the EDiTE Programme | EDiTE
The doctoral defence of Monika Rusnak (Self-Funded Researcher within the EDiTE Programme) was held on June 17th in the University of Lower Silesia. Rusnak's dissertation entitled, Learning to Trust. Teacher Research in Support of Democratic Collaboration among Parents and Teachers, reveals the various dimensions of distrust in education. Her action research conducted with parents, teachers and students offers rich insight into structural, relational and contextual barriers to meaningful educational partnerships. Monika’s dissertation was supervised by Prof. DSW dr hab. Hana Červinková and co-supervised by Prof. Luis Tinoca from the University of Lisbon. Dr hab. Anna Wirkus-Babicka was the auxilary supervisor. The dissertation was reviewed by Prof. dr hab. Maria Czerepaniak-Walczak (University of Szczecin) and Prof. dr hab. Maria Mendel (University of Gdańsk). On June 18, 2019, the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Education of ULS awarded her with doctoral degree and bestowed her