Weekly EcoBurma Roundup #19
Dear readers, This week, we draw attention to: The Challenges of Burma’s Thriving Tourism: Burma’s tourism plan, the Green Economy and World Responsible Tourism Day. "Burma to Hold Second ‘Green Economy’ Forum" The second forum on sustainable economic growth will be held in Naypyidaw,Burma from November 13-15. Environmental experts, 80 from abroad and 20 local, will gather to discuss a wide variety of topics from enabling policies and strategies in the energy, water, or food security sectors, to natural resource management, forestry and sustainable and responsible tourism – key elements for Burma’s future. Another noteworthy step in Burma’s tourism future is the “Norway-backed tourism master plan,” which is expected to be completed by the end of March. A team of experts from Thammasat University’s Centre of Innovation, in cooperation with the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, have already started studying and analyzing tourism destinations in Myanmar. These tourism planning and cultural heritage management experts will focus on the challenges borne when a country long closed to the outside world, experiences a sudden growth in tourism. One of the priorities is to ensure that such development does not come at the expense of environmental protection or of the country’s cultural heritage. Accordingly, “Minister for Hotel and Tourism U Htay Aung stressed the need to manage tourism responsibly and to avoid “killing the golden goose.” This extremely rapid expansion of tourism is seen everyday, evidenced by news headings such as Yangon airport receives 2,000 tourists every day. And it is far likely that [...]