Young Moms Ask the Experts | Dr. Phil
Young moms have a million questions about their little ones, from, "How do I stop the temper tantrums?" to "What do I do if my child just won't eat?" Dr. Phil enlists the help of a family of experts in the field of pediatrics: Dr. William Sears and sons, Dr. James Sears, and Dr. Robert Sears. Collectively they've written 50 books that cover anything and everything a mom or dad could ever want to know. Together they field questions from young mothers. First, Angela says her 3-year-old daughter, Ellie, has been a screamer since the day she was born. Could Ellie's temperament be the result of Angela's feelings toward her at birth? Then, Robert and Wendy argue over what to do with their baby's night crying. Robert claims Wendy runs to their 4 ½-month-old son, Ethan, at every whimper, sigh and cry. Wendy says Robert just doesn't get it -- and why would he? She says he just sleeps right through it. Plus, Lisa says she's terrified of germs and takes every precaution to keep her kids from