Money-Saving Tips and Tricks | Dr. Phil
If you're suffering through difficult economic times and looking for ways to save money, get out your pen and paper and start taking notes! Dr. Phil's guests offer real tips to help you save money on clothes, utilities and vacations. Plus, learn how to cut your grocery bill in half and how to entertain your family on the cheap. The Art of Spending Less The Economides are proud to be America's cheapest family. They say they have the secret to living on $44,000 a year, while raising five children. "We want to encouraage others that frugality is not a life of deprivation." You might be surprised how easy it is to implement their frugal ways of living. Money-Saving Tips: How to Live on Less Keys to Shopping at Thrift Stores Susie Pearson is a volunteer at the UCLA Thrift Shop in Los Angeles. She shares tips for shopping at stores like hers. And, models show off three budget-friendly outfits she's selected from the shop. "Do a little research beforehand."