Coda: My Swan Song | Dr. Paul Wong
Writing my autobiography has been a long journey—it started in 2012 and completed in 2019.The impetus to this writing project came from Mr. Chou Chin-Hua, President of the Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation. The main cause of the delay was not knowing how to honestly tell my life story without offending people.I now accept the fact that, even with the best intentions, it is inevitable that some people will be offended when you dare to tell the truth. Some of my family members were angry with me, even when I sincerely tried to depict them in the best light possible. Many colleagues were also upset with me because they happened to be part of the conditions and causes of my misfortunes.My consolation is that far more people have found inspiration and help from reading my struggles and triumphs. My wish is that I too can bring meaning, hope, and love to the suffering people, as Chou Ta-Kuan has done.The value of one’s life is never determined by the number of years. Our precocious young poet Chou Ta-Kuan only spent ten years on earth, yet his light still shines ever so brightly through his written words: