Watch THE MAN IN THE SHADOWS – A short crime thriller by local filmmaking team
Local filmmaking team Sweet Nightmares is an innovative group of filmmakers dwelling in surreal environments where nothing is as it seems. With a rusty shovel, the team revels in digging into dreamlike lands & pulling ideas for films & music videos. They have dreamt psychological thrillers, psychedelic trips, romances, crime dramas & are now working on a deep sea nautical affair of misfortune. They welcome you to Gotham City, a world cursed with suppliers of disorder. Sanity is on the line when street outcast Joe Chill becomes victim of the city’s crumbling descent into a nightmare of crime. Set in a textured, decaying metropolis where bad decisions rule the night, The Man in the Shadows is a film noir tale probing the life of one seemingly ordinary man and the worst decision of his life: murder. This is their latest film, THE MAN IN THE SHADOWS. Written + directed by Polaris Castillo Starring Darren Gann, Gabriel Di Chiara, [...]