Facilitation Pattern: Co-Worker
Motto: Succeeding together is better than failing individually. Belief: Two heads - or three or four - are better than one, and the group is more important than the individual. Behavior: Frequently takes on facilitative roles/activities, looks for ways to cooperate and collaborate with others. Characteristics: Patient, team-focused, non-combative, conciliatory The Co-Worker* believes that the best results are achieved by cooperation, collaboration, and putting the group/team above the individual. What I like about the Co-Worker is that they are very much like a facilitator. They believe in teamwork, collaboration, cooperation, dialogue... There's nothing quite so good as having a Co-Worker or two in a meeting to make the facilitator's life that much easier. You'll recognize the Co-Worker as the person who seems to always step in and say "I can see both of your points of view. How can we bring this to some kind of compromise or conclusion?" Co-Workers rarely [...]