From other guy to Son Son of a gun
It's Sunday night in the Virgin lounge at Melbourne airport. Fremantle has just thrashed North Melbourne to qualify for the finals and most of the victorious players are hanging together in groups. One player, however, has wandered off on his own to the other end of the lounge, where he is engaged in a conversation with an Adelaide Crows supporter. Seeing a racehorse screensaver on his fellow traveller's laptop, the player asks whether his new acquaintance is involved in the racing industry and, when the answer comes back "yes", is eager to ask about life in and around the sport of kings. The pair chat for several minutes, before the player strolls back to rejoin his teamates. The Crows fan is left thinking "what a nice young fella" but also "who was that guy?" The answer is Michael Walters, a silky-skilled small forward who has just kicked four goals against the Kangaroos to take his tally to 16 goals from his past seven games. The question, however, is fair [...]