Welcome To My New Home | Dave Thorp's Blog
I know what most of you are thinking. This looks an awful lot like the old home. But it isn't! As discussed in the last few posts I have been looking at transferring my hosting due to my host's inability to cope with the traffic this site has been receiving over the last few weekends when I post the Strictly Spoiler. Traffic has been increasing exponentially each week. That transfer has now pretty much completed and this site is now with the new host. There's still one or two things I need to do to complete the transfer and I'll be checking the site for teething problems, of which there have already been a couple, over the next few days to make sure everything is ok. Hopefully this host will be able to hold up to the traffic spikes . They do claim that their cloud hosting could hold up to a website being featured on Dragon's Den so it should be able to handle a few thousand people wanting to find out what the BBC should be telling them on Saturday Night! If my new host does hold up on