McDonalds Monopoly Prize Vault 2014 Rare Stickers | Dave Thorp's Blog
I'm a couple of days late to this party but McDonald's monopoly is back for yet another year. Still as unlikely to win anything but a big mac as ever (well actually marginally more likely to win as the number of prizes for some of the lower tiers has risen) and still likely to bring a bunch of stupid people with little grasp of how the competition works getting over excited because they, like everyone else, have a Park Lane sticker which obviously means they are halfway to £100k doesn't it? What do you mean no? Anyway here are the rare pieces: Brown - Custom Phone Case - Old Kent Road (50,000 Rare Stickers) Light Blue - Urbanz Headphones - Euston Road (30,000 Rare Stickers) Purple - £100 Buyagift Voucher - Northumberland Avenue (1500 Rare Stickers) Orange - Best Western Break - Marlborough Street (1000 Rare Stickers) Red - iPad Air - Strand (500 Rare Stickers) Yellow - Yamaha Scooter - Coventry Street (40 Rare Stickers) Green - Mini Cooper - Bond Street (15 Rare Stickers) Dark