Can I Replatinum Final Fantasy XIII Whilst PSN Is Down? | Dave Thorp's Blog
NO Background Early on into the failure of the PSN network and Sony's general failure to protect our personal data or provide us any kind of meaningful information on when service is going to be resumed, I purchased a new PS3 to replace one whose blu ray drive had ever so nicely decided to conk out. Due to PSN being down I have as yet been unable to sync my trophies or download my DLC to my console limiting what I can play as I have several games like Dragon Age 1 and 2 for which some of the DLC is an integral part to the story. About 1 week ago or so I have the random thought that as the console is now handing out trophies that I have already earned as it hasn't synced with my PSN account, maybe I could re-earn my sole platinum trophy I have achieved so far which is on Final Fantasy XIII. This platinum is one that I earned after two playthroughs of the game totalling about 200 hours of gameplay. The platinum is possible on just one playthrough though assuming you don't miss anything