How to mess up the iPhone launch – part 2 | Dave Thorp's Blog
So some 36 hours ago the new iPhone 4 got announced by Apple's Steve Jobs and became the first truly worthwhile thing Apple have announced this year that isn't just four existing products stuck together with cellotape! Plus the good news that the UK would be receiving the device at launch. Since the announcement, what have the UK mobile networks done and what information have they released to their (potential) customers? Well the answer to that is not much. Each network have come out and said they will be selling it (in the order O2, Vodafone, Orange and new to the iPhone T-Mobile). O2 have also come out and said existing customers would be able to upgrade onto it but provided no solid details on if that is all existing customers, selected existing customers, a few customers drawn out of a hat or what. Go onto most of the mobile phone network websites and you'll find naff all actual information apart from harvesting e-mail addresses with the promise of being the first to find out. But