April 2010 Aims | Dave Thorp's Blog
Aim One Aim one is to adopt the Apple way of thinking by making a totally new product that is better than a car by gluing four cars together to come up with a revolutionary new method of transport that is four times bigger, more expensive and uses much more petrol Aim Two Aim two is to save Gordon Brown the hassle of needing to pack all his stuff ready to move out of 10 Downing Street by getting the voting public to lend him a hand, something they will only be too willing to do Aim Three Aim three is to solve the issue of the PS3 phat losing linux capabilities by adopting the apple way of thinking and coming up with a new and revolutionary product that you can play games on and run linux on. Gluing 4 PC's together should do the trick Aim Four Aim four is to solve the problem of internet perverts preying on young innocent(!) impressionable youth by banning all people under the age of 18 from using the internet Aim Five Aim five is to come up with a brand new aim that is so much better