Thoughts in Atheleisure | Curvy Diva Chic
Posing Like A Pro! Posing Like A Prude I have No Idea Why I Got Up Here: Or How Things Shoots Make You Do Playing With The Crops They Asked Me To Pose Me Holding My Collar How To Hold A Bag Hello Divas! Try reading This one as a rap-poetry: So I experimented with my looks a bit and tried going Kardashian - for once, And put on a tracksuit just for leisure - they called atheleisure. And I put on some make-up, a fancy backpack, and yeah some glare - and LO! I got myself a pre-mature cougar. Not the cat, but the real, human cougar, that rhymes with sugar if I think of it. Kardashians, or Jenners I don't care I like em both. They are famous they are strong one big whole family People may see them differently for what I choose to ignore For others, all I wish to say is keep up! I like how pink this track dress is, and how the zippers go down and up- its a catch The top I threw in just for fun My shoes and bag: Oh they so match! CurvyDivaChic thanks StalkBuyLove For they have things for