Curvy Diva Chic X Fitoor | Curvy Diva Chic
Jacket and Bag: StalkBuyLoveDenims: Levi'sTop: Thrift ShopWatch: Daniel WellingtonShoes: Fitoor Hey Divas! How are you doing my ladies? I know I have been gone for so long.... I know... I have been busy is not the best comeback speech, But I believe the pictures say a lot about where I have been busy. I took this time to reinvent myself, and I have been lucky enough to have taken a step that has made me look at things with a whole new perspective, and now I look completely different from what I used to. This is the new me and curvy diva chic finally stands true to her vision: beauty knows no size. How pretty I used to be and how awesome I feel now. How I loved myself before and how I adore myself now!I know you have a lot of questions, and I have your answers, trust me, I will talk about them all, in this and upcoming posts. I have adapted this new lifestyle recently and I am loving it, as much as I have loved my previous life. Its just the approach that has changed. I may