Letraset - hellocrissey
A facebook follower of mine asked me about Letraset Markers a few days back so I decided to get some and try it out 🙂 Thanks France Navarro for asking! 😀 So before anything else, these markers are available in Fully Booked. You can buy them individually or in sets (P99, P399-P466, P3000+). I bought 2 sets of 10 markers 🙂 (Manga Essentials 01 and 03). I also got myself a blender for P99. Anyway, this brand is a GREAT alternative if Copic markers are too expensive for you (which they really are!!!). Also, it’s extremely hard to find/buy Copics here in the Philippines. Fully Booked sold them a few years back but it got discontinued 🙁 These babies blend so well ! Also, they do not smudge my unipins (ink/lineart). They are almost the same as Copic markers 🙂 The only advantage Copic markers have is that it has a brush tip nib which makes coloring easier (as if painting). Another thing is that copics have a wider variety of colors 🙂 But Letraset shades are more than enough for me and they don’t smell as bad as Copics LOL Hope this helped!