Double Your Ratings In 2018
Using rudimentary math, it would figure that if we can get more than 4% of people to play our contests and maybe even get that number up to, say, 8%, then we’ll be doing pretty well. There’s a reason we can’t get that number over 4% and that’s because most of the contests that we clutter the airways with are really just wallpaper. I would categorize most group contests that way. They’re just….there. They’re not compelling, they don’t play to anybody other than the 4% of people we have hyper focused on and they rarely accentuate or build your stationality. Think beyond the tiny number of people with their landlines and broaden your horizons; try to suck in the whole audience to stop and become engaged. If it doesn’t double your audience, it’s still not going to drag the numbers down like a wallpaper contest can.