David Monn’s The Art of Celebrating
The Art of Celebrating- Well named! David Monn takes celebrating beyond art form to the realm of fantasy. Few people have the visionary talent to touch the level of creativity that Monn brings to a party. Past Monn events include state dinners at the White House, once in a lifetime birthday or anniversary celebrations, even funerals and memorial services. Client list includes social leaders across the country as well as a Who's Who of brands and institutions. photo credit: Allan Zepeda As we see in the above photo of a young girl's quinceanera, his events begin at the exact moment you arrive, setting the tone from the outside in to the actual party location. One senses a theatrical vibe to the way his details pull guests into his magically detailed themes, which draw from his background in theatre, interior design and fine jewelry. Which brings me to his wedding event for two producers (television and theatre)... in a THEATRE! Events of evening were segmented into Act One, Act Two,