Big paws up for National Dog Day on 26 August | | Cosy Home Blog
You've heard the saying "every dog has his day"? Well, apparently that day is Saturday 26 August, which sees the advent of National Dog Day. Originally created in America as a way of raising attention for the plight of rescue dogs, it's been highlighted in the UK by organisations such as Guide Dogs. Here are our suggestions for ways to enjoy the dog days of summer. National Dog Day is really focused on rescue dogs. While not everyone has the space, time or inclination to actually adopt a new four-legged family member, most rescue centres such as the Dogs' Trust and the Blue Cross have sponsorship schemes where you can 'adopt' a dog virtually. You could also consider a fund raising event, or donating food or bedding to your local rescue centre. For dog owners, National Dog Day is a great excuse to spoil Rover just that little bit more. Why not try something new with him, whether it's a longer walk than usual, a doggy play date or a new activity such as flyball or dog agility? If your