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Love the simplicity of Shaker style decorating? We take a look at the key elements of this famous design style and how you can incorporate it into your home. Who were the Shakers? Image credit: Carl Wycoff/Wikimedia Commons The Shakers were a religious sect, founded in England in 1770. They were an off-shoot of a sect of Quakers, called the 'Shaking Quakers' as they danced to express religious fervour. In the 1760s, Ann Lee joined the Shaking Quakers and became dissatisfied with some of their beliefs, before leaving to found the Shakers. She became known to her followers as Mother Ann Lee, and in 1772 had a vision from God in which she was told to emigrate with her followers to America. Shakers believed in common ownership of property and communal living, and led lives of abstinence and celibacy. They believed that everything in their houses should have a purpose, and decoration and embellishment weren't necessary. Two of their favourite sayings sum up their philosophy: 'Whatever is