Indulge in the perfect afternoon tea with homemade scones | | Cosy Home Blog
Scones were originally a Scottish basic, a type of quick flat bread made with oats and without yeast. Gradually, they evolved into the sweet teatime treat we're more familiar with today, and Mrs. Beeton, author of Britain's first cookbook for domestic cooks, lists several recipes in her Book of Household Hints in 1861. There's something supremely comforting about a plate of scones, and they've become an integral part of that very British institution the afternoon tea, which has become a tourist must-have in hotels and tearooms nationwide. Some things, like scones and sponge cake, just have to be homemade. If you've never tried to make your own scones, you'll be surprised not only at how easy it is, but also at the difference in flavour. One of the nicest things about making your own is that you can eat them warm from the oven, with the butter just starting to melt and slide off. This is my old family recipe for scones, passed down from my great-grandmother, who used to serve them in