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Dunelm Mill bottle vase We've just spotted this bottle neck vase for sale at Dunelm Mill, as part of their New Naturals Collection. The plum coloured glass vase is an interesting design, with a little flower motif on the front. It's priced at just £6.99. But what caught our eye more was the similarity it has with another flower vase that we know and love. We've written before about the Dartington Crystal flower bottle vases - lovely glass bottles with wide flat tops and distinctive flower motifs on the front. Here's a group of some of these flower bottle designs: Dartington Crystal glass flower bottles We can't help but think the Dunelm Mill vase is based on the Dartington Crystal one. There's no doubt you get a higher quality, better made bottle vase when you buy the Dartington version (it's handblown glass, for a start), but if your pennies won't stretch that far, would you be tempted by the Dunelm Mill version?