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Hey there! I am Ambar, photographer and editor of Cook It Girl. There are different ways that we can work together. Below you will see a short list of services offered by Cook It Girl. Ads: Various advertising sizes and pricing on the Cook It Girl are available. Sponsored Posts: Opportunities for sponsored posts on Cook It Girl. If you have content that may interest the readers of Cook It Girl, please contact me. Freelance Writing and Editorials: I love to work with brands to develop individual and particular content for your products/services. It includes recipe development, editorial writing, guest posting and other ideas you may have. Brand Ambassadorship: I would love to represent your brand, product and/or service over an extended time period as a brand ambassador. These opportunities can include sharing your brand with our readers through blog posts, social media touting, ad spaces, and more. Recipe Development: I love creating new recipes. These recipes can be developed for an