Oven Fried Chicken |
I should totally be working right now but fuck it! Hello everyone! UGH, I miss #cookitgirl sooooo bad! I want to just go straight to this recipe. Trust me, you will be cooking this at least 4 times a month that is why I don't want to waste any time. This flavorful Oven Fried Chicken is a MUST in my house. I cook it several times a month! My husband LOVES it! It's super spicy (or not spicy if you want it plain) and it is full of all types of spices! This is a quick dinner option that can be served with corn, rice, mashed potatoes or pasta on the side. The possibilities are endless! It does take 50 minutes to bake, but the crispiness of the chicken will be worth the wait! 4 Pieces of Chicken Thigh ½ Tbsp of Paprika ¼ Tbsp of Oregano ½ Tbsp of Salt ½ Tbsp of Garlic Powder ½ Tbsp of Onion Powder ¼ Tbsp of Cayenne pepper ½ Tbsp of White Pepper 1 Tbs of Italian Seasoning ¼ Cup of Olive Oil Pre-heat the oven at 425 degrees. Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Place chicken on a