Guineitos en Escabeche + AIR FRYER GIVE AWAY |
It's giveaway time!!! Finally, after a million years I'm doing the giveaway that should have been posted about 3 weeks ago. I really wanted to do it with this amazing recipe that reminds me of the Dominican Republic but with a Puerto Rican twist. When I go to the Dominican Republic, we have green bananas as a side with pretty much everything. I miss being there so much! If it were for me, I would go at least 3 times a year. I know at this moment everyone is talking about everything that is happening with tourists, but the truth is, the Dominican Republic is the most beautiful place to visit. The people are extremely nice, the food is amazing, the views are incredible and there's Presidente everywhere, aka too many reasons to not go..... When I am there, we only add onions, vinegar, oil, salt, and pepper but this recipe right here is on the Puerto Rican side, they add way more things to add more flavor since it is one of their signature side dishes. I can already hear you guys asking